A close look at Apple’s red iPhone 8

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For the second year in a row, Apple launches a RED color variant of its iPhone. The red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be available from all major operators on Friday; preorders have already started. Unfortunately, there is no red iPhone X for unknown reasons, but Apple is launching a RED Product folio case so you can at least buy an accessory for the device that sends part of the purchase price to a good cause.
Today Apple offered a brief manual with the iPhone in its last tone. The main difference between the RED iPhone Product last year and this one is that Apple has wisely gone with a black bezel on the front. He was not a big fan of the white faceplate in 7; In fact, I bought a silly screen protector to try to get the same look. Now Apple has made the right decision, and the red / black combo is really very, very elegant.

The other difference this time is that the back of the iPhone 8 is glass, while the 7 is aluminum. That allows wireless charging, but it also means that you'll pick up more fingerprints, even in this red color. It certainly does a better job of hiding them than the space gray iPhone, but red is not bright enough to remove stains completely.
Obviously, the back of the glass does not have a metallic sheen when the light hits it like the red iPhone 7, but it's a striking and vibrant phone anyway. This thing is red, and the color may change a little depending on the light, although not to the extent of the gorgeous U11 solar red from HTC. In the sunlight, it is a vivid red caramel. Inside, it's a little more off. So I'm even more disappointed that Apple has decided not to use a RED iPhone X Product; This tone of red with stainless steel sides would look great. Maybe next year.
In that sense, Apple should launch these RED iPhones of products at its launch every September and get out of this mid-cycle pattern. They would sell more, and the existing iPhone 8 owners would not stay with that feeling of "welp, I wish I had the red one". At least there is always the Product RED silicone case (and now the leather portfolio for the X).
In the photos! And just to avoid confusion, even if they look black in some of these shots (due to lighting), the Apple logo and the text of iPhone / RED product are silver.
Photograph by Chris Welch / The Verge.


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