Anker’s new PowerWave wireless chargers are designed for iPhones

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March 15, 2018
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Anker has a new line of wireless chargers called the PowerWave series, through MobileScout. The new chargers are designed to work specifically with Apple's iPhone X and iPhone 8 smartphones and charge according to the 7.5-watt specification specified by Apple for faster wireless charging on iPhones. That said, the new chargers can also charge up to 10 watts, if you have a phone (such as the Samsung Galaxy S9) that supports faster wireless charging speed.
The new PowerWave chargers bear a striking resemblance to the company's existing PowerPort chargers, which also come in stand-up and flat styles, although they are black, not white, only charge at 5 watts and do not include a wall socket. But apart from the internal improvements, the PowerWave chargers do not really move the stylus of Anker's existing design, which is a bit disappointing. The company has not even updated the charging port to USB-C.

But I would not really recommend buying any of Anker's new chargers. They are quite expensive for what you will get at $ 49.99 for the support version and $ 45.99 for the flat pad. Even considering the wall brick that Anker includes (which the company usually sells for $ 14 on its own), there are still cheaper 10-watt chargers that will also work with an iPhone, including those that Anker sells, such as the $ 10 PowerPort. 26. It is not really clear why they exist, but according to the white color scheme, it seems that Anker is trying to pursue the iPhone market and take advantage of all the new wireless charging phones that are in the world now.
However, given the frequency with which Anker products go on sale, it is likely that you can quickly withdraw a PowerWave at a discount. But even if you do, keep in mind that there are still more interesting and innovative wireless chargers that you can consider instead.


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