Apple iPad education event: start time and live blog

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Here we are, children, at hours of the great educational event of Apple, where we hope to learn about the company's strategy to recover the domain in the classroom, crucial for the incubation of the next generation of consumers. Apple is expected to announce a low-cost iPad (an ePad?), Probably with Pencil stylus support, in addition to new software and services needed for both educators and students.
It is an important event for Apple, which has lagged behind both Microsoft and Google, particularly in the US school districts. UU (Today's event takes place at a Chicago high school). Google has emerged to reign supreme thanks to cheap Chromebooks and, as of yesterday, to an entirely new class of devices: Chrome OS tablets like the $ 329 Tab 10 from Acer. Chromebooks sell for less than $ 300, while the cheapest iPad currently sells for $ 329 but without the support of Pencil or Smart Keyboard. Although cheaper MacBooks have been rumored, we do not expect news on that front today.

But to compete, Apple will have to do more than introduce attractive hardware: it will have to match Google in terms of services and software. School districts love Chromebooks because they are very easy to set up and manage in large numbers thanks to their optimization in the cloud. Students can be up and running seconds after logging into a new device, compared to the settings required for an iPad. It's a lucrative proposition, too, with Google earning $ 30 per device in management services for the millions of Chromebooks it sends to schools, according to a report in the New York Times last year. Apple's revenues are increasingly made up of services, so we hope to hear more about the new services created for educators today.
Of course, this is Apple, so anything (maybe even "one more thing") could happen when Tim Cook and company. take the stage. As always, The Verge will be on the ground at the event in order to provide you with the latest news as it happens. This is how you can continue:
Start time: San Francisco: 8AM / New York: 11AM / London: 4PM / Berlin: 5PM / Moscow: 6PM / New Delhi: 8:30 PM / Beijing: 11PM / Tokyo: midnight (28 March) / Sydney: 1AM (28th March) )
Live blog: tune in to The Verge's live blog for instant updates, comments and images directly from the site.
Live broadcast: Sorry, Apple will not broadcast the event in real time. However, it will make a recorded version available to watch after the event ends.
Live Tweeting: Follow @Verge on Twitter to get the latest headlines and specifications as they appear.


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