Boeing production plant hit with WannaCry ransomware attack

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A Boeing production plant in Charleston, South Carolina, was attacked by the WannaCry ransomwear cyber attack on Wednesday, according to a Seattle Times report. Mike VanderWel, chief engineer of commercial aircraft production engineering at Boeing, sent a company-wide memorandum asking for "everything in hand."
"It metastasizes quickly from North Charleston and I just heard that the 777 (automated stringer assembly tools) may have come down," says the VanderWel memo, according to the Seattle Times. The company fears that the virus could affect the equipment used in the functional tests of aircraft, which could lead it to spread to the aircraft software.
WannaCry, which the Trump administration blames on the North Korean cyberterrorism unit in December 2017, attacked mainly through a critical Windows vulnerability, and its spread from last May caused widespread alarm, with hospitals in the United Kingdom paralyzed in the initial wave of the attack. . Variants of the virus began to appear in more than 150 countries a few weeks later.
The virus operates by blocking the machines, which leads the owners of the system to pay a ransom typically in cryptocurrencies to solve the problem. Microsoft has issued patches to limit the spread of the virus, but apparently it has not completely eliminated it.


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