China bans video spoofs and parodies

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March 23, 2018
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China's media regulator has cracked down on parodies and parodies of online videos, according to state media Xinhua.
Video sites must now prohibit any video that "distorts, mocks or defames classic literary and artistic works," the State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television said yesterday in a directive. Reuters noted that the directive was marked as "extremely urgent", which is rare and means that citizens must comply immediately or risk being arrested by the authorities. The directive only applies to online videos, but since China has control of its film and television industries, you would not expect to see fake skits there.
The board also says that the videos should promote the "traditional Chinese culture" and its concepts of "love, emphasis on people, integrity, justice, harmony and no adoration of money or other bad habits". The language sounds similar to that of China. Last July's directive that prohibited films and blogs that were not "socialist" enough.
Chinese regulators have stepped up censorship efforts, while parliament recently decided to eliminate President Xi Jinping's 10-year limit, which means Xi can now govern indefinitely. Everything that could be perceived remotely as anti-government has been censored in recent weeks, as villagers' frustration grows over Xi's possible lifelong rule.
The new rule comes a little over a week after the wheel of a Chinese reporter went viral during the National People's Congress, arising memes, skits and GIF in all social networks. The moment was particularly noticeable since Congress is usually buckled and without incident. Chinese censors quickly banned mentions of the visual roll on social platforms.
JustXiaIt, a parody group known for folding movie clips, said on Weibo, as Reuters first saw it, that it would eliminate all videos to clean, inspect, improve and "make the program more in line with the laws and regulations." relevant laws. " regulations. "


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