Finally, an Instagram client for the terminal!

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If you're like me, you're tired of all these ingenious apps with their "high resolution images" and "buttons that really do things". The terminal has what we crave: ASCII, unadorned URLs and the complexities of managing a Python environment.
Well, the Reddit user, ghostreport, who goes by billcccheng on GitHub, finally has the answer: an Instagram news feed for the terminal. It has all that chaos and randomness of the regular news feed algorithm of Instagram, except now it is difficult to know what the images are made of because they are in ASCII. Win, win!

Instagram Terminal Feed is written in Python, and it is quite easy to configure: the steps are listed in the GitHub readme file. Log in with your Instagram credentials, show him a set of "images", along with the descriptions and the Like number, and then close. It's a short experience, but it lasts long enough for the joke to disappear.

Bill Cheng

If ASCII is too difficult for you, now you can also pass a color flag (the open source evolves quickly!) That will try to render the images in color using large blocked ASCII "pixels" (as shown in the main image of this publication) , which I think is a version of the P20 Pro).
The Instagram API is in a transition phase at this time. Instagram seems to be eliminating great use cases like this in favor of a new Graph API for Instagram business users: advertisers and media companies. Instagram says that the basic support for "non-commercial profiles" will arrive in 2019. Whatever happens, hopefully the billcccheng will be there, making something useless.


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