Google Chrome adds a new emoji right-click shortcut

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Google Chrome added a new shortcut today to facilitate the addition of emojis on the desktop. It is currently on the Chrome Canary test channel, and users can now enable it by going to chrome: // flags and searching for "emoji", as detected by 9to5Google.
What Google Chrome proposes is to add an emoji option in the menu that appears when you click with the right button in any text field. Then, users can right-click to access the emoji option and select the emoji options for Mac, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS, depending on the operating system they are using.
It is not an innovative addition, considering that there are already ways to extract emoji on the desktop, including the shortcut Command + Control + Space for Mac or the touch keyboard on certain Windows devices. Third-party messaging applications such as Messenger, Slack, Discord and Skype also have their own emoji libraries available. Still, with companies like Apple that add more and more emoji options every year, this gives us faster access to actually use them.
The feature has not yet reached the public version of Chrome, but may be published in the coming weeks.


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