Hyperspektiv is a photo app that produces glitchy, psychedelic images

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I love a good photo application, but there are so many on the App Store that it's hard to know where to start. If you are looking for a photo and video editing application that does something a little different from standard filters similar to Instagram, a problem-generating application called Hyperspektiv could be a good alternative to play.
Hyperspektiv has been around for a few years, but has recently gained traction after appearing on the App Store. The application adds random distortion effects, such as color faults and floating reflections to a kaleidoscope spin. There are many options to experiment with in Hyperspektiv, which makes it worth $ 1. There are 30 filters in total, including a wildcard option that you can play repeatedly to generate random effects.

The application is quite easy to use, just load and slide to choose the filter you want. The filters are applied in real time, and you can see what you are capturing and adjust accordingly. The ingenious part of the application is that you can customize how filters are applied by dragging your finger up or down and side to side. The movements allow you to control the force with which the filters are applied, the way they move and change the tones.
The application is best used for video since movement is what really makes the images jump, although the photos still work. The application records HD 720p video. You can apply the filters to videos you've already taken (in this case it supports videos up to 1080p), but you can not edit existing photos, which is disappointing. The developers say that the photo editing will arrive in the next version "very soon".
Hyperspektiv is only available on iOS at this time. If you're interested in trying more, other iOS options for glitch applications include Glitch Wizard, Glitché (apparently using Pharrell and Kim Kardashian) and Luminancer. If you're on Android, there's Onetap Glitch, Glitch Camera and Glitcher.


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