ISPs in Bali are switching off mobile services to mark New Year

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March 15, 2018
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March 15, 2018

Internet service providers in Bali will turn off mobile Internet for 24 hours on March 17 to mark Nyepi, or New Year, on the Balinese calendar according to multiple media. The authorities asked the companies to turn off the services of Nyepi, a Hindu holiday also known as the Day of Silence, which is a sacred day for reflection.
The closure is not total, however. Internet access will continue to be available in places such as hotels and security, aviation and disaster agencies. The hospitals will still have connectivity too. The Association of Internet Service Providers of Indonesia is still considering whether or not to close domestic internet connections. The internet closure for Nyepi will be the first in the history of the island of Indonesia, and it is remarkable because Indonesia has one of the most prolific populations in terms of Internet use.
According to Statista, around 132.7 million people are connected to the web in Indonesia, and 28.8 percent of the Indonesian population accessed the Internet from their mobile phones in 2017. "Many Hindus are addicted to gadgets," he said. Head of the Indonesian Hinduism Society, Gusti Ngurah Sudiana. He told the BBC. "I hope that during Nyepi they can be introspective."
As part of the day, Balinese Hindus avoid work, travel and entertainment, and closing the Internet is a sign of respect. The civil and religious groups submitted the application for the closure of the Nyepi internet. The Indonesian government denied the same request last year, but said the ban on the mobile Internet will be the norm from now on.


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