Logitech expands its gaming lineup with new LED-equipped speakers

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Logitech is no stranger to the PC speaker market, but now the company is doing something new: the Logitech G560, a set of PC speakers specifically designed for games as part of the Logitech G line.
The G560 consists of two main speakers and a subwoofer, but the main feature comes in the form of Logitech G Lightsync technology, which works like the Logitech version of the Chroma LED lights with Razer color timing. The G560 has four lighting zones that allow users to illuminate their entire desktop with custom colors, with the option of synchronizing it with your old Logitech G equipment equipped with Lightsync.
Logitech is taking the Razer Chroma lighting with some of its own LEDs
But Logitech is also working with some smart things on the software side to take advantage of the lighting in the area provided by the speakers. While the company is working with game developers to integrate Lightsync into popular games, the software can also automatically detect the colors on the screen, making it easy for users to obtain reactive lighting effects without great effort. Logitech also goes a step further, allowing users to designate specific areas of the screen to monitor color changes, so, for example, you can set a lighting area for the corner of the screen with the icon for the last ability of the screen. Overwatch and having the speakers lights up when you change color to indicate that you are ready to use.

An updated version of the G413 gaming keyboard, the G513, is also new. Logitech has updated the LED backlighting of a single color from the previous version to the RGB lighting enabled with Lightsync and has improved the palm rest with a more comfortable material. There is also the possibility to choose between two types of keyboard switches: Romer-G Tactile, which offers physical feedback while the key is pressed, and Romer-G Linear, which is a smoother and less tactile switch.
Both the G560 and the G513 will be available starting in April, with the speakers at a cost of $ 199.99, while the keyboards will be priced at $ 149.99.


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