Netflix’s European users can access their home catalog throughout the EU

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April 2, 2018
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Europeans can now watch online streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Video Prime and others they have subscribed to at home, regardless of where they travel in the EU without facing the blocks in the region. The European Commission announced that its new digital portability rules came into effect yesterday, as Engadget discovered.
The rules cover any subscription to digital content, but it does not cover free content, which will be at the discretion of the provider. The new change also means that Netflix will be able to show movies and TV shows to subscribers without having to obtain licenses for the territories. Users' accounts will automatically verify their IP addresses to detect their location. The commission noted that between 2010 and 2014, European spending on video subscription services grew 113 percent each year. It is estimated that at least 29 million people will benefit from the change in the rules.
Among different European countries, the number of films and television shows can vary enormously. For example, French Netflix had 33 percent of the full content of Netflix available, German Netflix had 28 percent of the content, while Italy only had 17 percent, according to a 2016 report by, a tool for comparison of purchases. If French travelers had tried to watch Netflix in Italy before these new rules, they would have been limited to the Italian version of Netflix that had only less than 200 TV shows and 1,000 movies.
The European Commission has recently changed the rules to make the Union's digital market more unified, including the elimination of roaming charges for EU travelers last year. About 60 percent of young Europeans said the possibility of traveling with subscriptions was an important factor in choosing to subscribe to such services, according to a survey cited by the commission.
Due to Brexit, the UK will not see the benefit of these rules, although that is not so bad for EU citizens who visit the country. Compared to its European countries, the United Kingdom had a higher percentage of television programs and films available (38 percent), so it is likely that those who visited the UK were able to enjoy previously blocked content in their member states. origin.


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