Nvidia suspends self-driving car tests in wake of Uber crash

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Nvidia will suspend its autonomous vehicle test on public roads after the fatal Uber accident in Arizona, Reuters reports. Uber is an Nvidia & # 39; s customer and uses the chip maker's computing platform in its driverless car fleet.
Nvidia had been testing their cars without a driver in New Jersey, California, Japan and Germany. The company will hold its annual GPU technology conference in San Jose this week, where it is expected to make several announcements regarding its automotive products.
"Ultimately, antivirus will be much more secure than human controllers, so this important work should continue," an Nvidia spokesperson said in an email. "We are temporarily suspending the testing of our driverless cars on public roads to learn from the Uber incident, our global fleet of manually operated data collection vehicles continues to operate."
Uber had been using Nvidia's technology for a while
The company is the latest to stop automatic vehicle tests after a self-propelled Uber car hit and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, last week. Toyota also said it would suspend its tests in cities around the world, citing the "emotional cost" of Uber's accident in its safety drivers.
In addition to testing its own cars without driver, Nvidia also manufactures powerful computer platforms for use in autonomous vehicles. Earlier this year, Nvidia began selling its Xavier chip for use in driverless cars. The chip maker says it has 320 customers in the automotive space.
Uber has been using Nvidia's autonomous driving technology in its stand-alone test cars for a while, although the companies just started talking about it earlier this year. Uber has said it will use Nvidia's technology in its eventual autonomous Volvo fleets, as well as in the company's autonomous trucks. But Uber also stopped its AV tests in all the cities where it operates, and the governor of Arizona suspended the company from testing its cars without a driver in the state "indefinitely."
The types of computers produced by Nvidia and its competitors like Intel are undoubtedly the most important part of the car without a driver. Everything the vehicle "sees" with its sensors, all the images, the mapping data and the audio material collected by its cameras must be processed by giant computers so that the vehicle can make split-second decisions. All this processing must be done with multiple levels of redundancy to guarantee the highest level of security.


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