Snapchat introduces a morbidly cute new Cuphead lens

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March 21, 2018
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March 21, 2018

Snap has brought a retro look to its lens function, revealing a new lens on Snapchat that puts animations of Cuphead game characters on your screen. When the lens is selected in the application, Cuphead and Mugman appear and start firing when a person enters the frame.
If you make a movement to stop them, they die in a morbidly cute animation. It is essentially like an AR version of the battles against game bosses, presenting you or someone in your video as the "boss".

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Snap also launched another lens that is interactive and features a monster named Chester. You use your finger to draw a path (that throws a bone) for the animated monster to follow your photos. The monster is also from the game Do not Starve, and the release of both lenses coincides with the Game Developers Conference. To access the lenses, scan the Snap codes below to unlock both for 24 hours.
The new lenses are part of an impulse of viral content in which the company bets to catch more users. Like hot dogs for puppies and puppies that have become idiosyncratic with Snapchat, the new Cuphead lens is indicative of the company's desire to generate rumor and viral actions. AR lenses are debatable, but they look great and encourage commitment when users test them. Instagram stories also have AR filters that overlap your face with animal ears or the like, but they may not be as distinctive as Snapchat's. Snap also launched Lens Studio in December, a design tool for companies and advertisers to create their own lenses and content in the application. In today's announcement, Snap said he had partnered with several firms to make their AR development tools even easier to use.
Snapchat has had problems in recent months. Kylie Jenner declared the application "dead", and last week, she was criticized for an offensive ad with Rihanna. Rihanna posted Snapchat's Instagram installer to denounce the company, which then apologized. Snap earlier this month confirmed that he had fired 120 employees from his engineering team.

The latest lenses point to Snap launching more content like this to attract users to the platform and combat anemic growth. In recent months, Snap has added many features, including Instagram style tagging, custom contact lenses and a deluxe version of Bitmoji.


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