Sony PSVR bundles now start from $299 in the US and Europe

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March 28, 2018
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If you have ever wanted to try a VR headset, but the price has puzzled you, we have good news: Sony is reducing the prices of its PSVR packages in the US. UU And Europe. In the United States, the Playstation VR Doom package now costs $ 299.99 and includes a PSVR headset, the Doom VFR game and the PlayStation camera. The Skyrim Playstation VR package now costs $ 349.99 and includes the Skyrim VR game, two PlayStation Move controls plus the PSVR headset and the PlayStation camera. Both packages are $ 100 cheaper than their previous retail prices.
If you are in Europe, you can now get a Starter Bundle with a discount of € 299.99 which includes PSVR, PlayStation Camera and a download code for the PlayStation VR Worlds game.
The PSVR packages have been temporarily discounted to only $ 200, but today's change represents a permanent price cut in the MSRP. The packages of EE. UU They seem to include the updated PSVR headphones, which have a more optimized design and an improved processor unit that makes it possible to pass through HDR. It is not clear if the PSVR headphones included in the European package are the updated model, so be sure to check before buying. We communicate with Sony to clarify which model is included in each package.
Discounts are available in the US UU And Europe as of March 29. Australia and New Zealand will get reduced prices from April 2.


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