Tim Cook on building Apple’s next campus: ‘We’re not doing a beauty contest kind of thing’

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In an interview with Kara Swisher of Recode and Chris Hayes of MSNBC, Apple CEO Tim Cook made thinly veiled comments about the search for a new location on Amazon and how it compares to Apple's plan to build a new campus in somewhere in the USA UU Although he did not specify where the new Apple campus will be located (beyond that it will not be in California or Texas), he took the opportunity to launch some sprays about Amazon's high-profile competition.
Cook said Apple will not run that competition. "We're not doing a beauty pageant," Cook said. "That's not Apple."
"We're not doing a beauty contest," Cook said. "That's not Apple."
He continued: "From our point of view, we did not want to create this contest because I think it's about putting people to work a lot … [only for a company to select one winner] … So that's a case where you have a winner and many losers, unfortunately, I do not like that. "
Cook said he did not "condemn" states that throw their hats in a competition for a headquarters. For Apple, Cook said he looks for "win / win" situations, instead of creating a group of losers.
In more general terms about job creation in the United States, Cook argued forcefully that many of the parts in the iPhone are, in fact, manufactured in the United States. "We love this country," he said, "we are patriots." Then we want to create as many jobs as we can in the United States. "
Most of the interview up to that point was about education, which makes sense. Yesterday, Cook announced a new iPad and took an overview of Apple's efforts in the education market, trying to show that the iPad is a better choice for schools than Chromebooks. Cook also spoke passionately about immigration and said he "personally" is pushing for the DACA reform. The interview of Swisher and Hayes with Cook will air on MSNBC on April 6.


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