Walmart’s getting a much-needed site overhaul in May

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April 17, 2018
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Walmart has announced that it is renovating its website, presenting a completely new design that will begin in May. In addition to a visual review, the new site will focus on personalization and specialized shopping experiences.
In the comparison below, you can get an idea of ​​what the new look will look like. It is cleaner, with more modern sources, and presents what Walmart calls "identifiable photography," also known as humans doing human things. It is definitely a step ahead of your current potato website, which does not differ from an interactive Sunday script.

Image: Walmart

Along with the refurbished design, most of Walmart's new home page will be customized for whoever is exploring it. This will include the best selling items at a customer's location and a profile for your local Walmart. Here, the site will inform you if certain services are available, such as the online supermarket, and the status of your order.
Walmart also says that the new site will include "special shopping experiences." The company describes this as categories such as furniture and fashion feel like a specialized store by offering "relevant and bold images and seasonal stories". No other specific details are given, so it is not clear how it will be translated to the site when it is released. At first glance, this description alludes to how individual brands (such as, for example, Crate & Barrel) market products within narratives both online and in printed catalogs.
In addition to the website, Walmart has made several more changes to update the company lately, many of which are considered a competitive move against Amazon, such as offering their own food kits, carrying Soylent and reaching an agreement to become the exclusive Massive retailer of Kobo electronic readers.


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