What’s the secret title of Avengers: Infinity War 2?

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We are just a few weeks away from the release of Avengers: Infinity War, perhaps the biggest superhero movie ever made. It's a two consecutive games, with the second half in 2019. And yet, we still do not know how the sequel will be called. Why the mystery?
Context: Infinity War was first announced in 2014, when the two films were known as Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. Two years later, just before the release of Captain America: Civil War, the fourth (and currently final) The Avengers film got a name change, dropping the nickname of "Infinity War Part 2" in favor of an unannounced title. In an interview with Uproxx, the directors of Avengers, Joe and Anthony Russo, said: "Movies are two very different movies" and that it would be "deceptive" to simply call them Part 1 and 2, although they had not decided on a new one. subtitle.
A year later, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed in an interview with Cinemablend that the reason we have not heard the title of The Avengers 4 was because it is a spoiler for Infinity War. Our only clue? A tweet from the Russo brothers earlier this week confirming that they should "scare the shit" at fans that the title apparently full of spoilers has not yet been revealed. (My personal suspicion is that it will be revealed on the title card of the post-final credit scene, since "The Avengers will return to Avengers: whatever it is called").
Fortunately, we have put our best pop culture detectives on the case, and we have some ideas of what the fourth Avengers movie could be called.
Potential spoilers for Infinity War 2 below? Who knows?

Avengers: Infinity's End We do not know how this is a spoiler per se, but it seems that it would fit thematically with the first movie, with Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity Stones, the Infinity War title and the fact that this movie is theoretically the end of this era of Marvel movies. It also fits the name scheme of the original comics, which featured bow titles such as "The Infinity War" and "The Infinity Crusade." More importantly, how can a title be a spoiler without being totally, completely obvious as a phrase? He is playing with our heads.
Avengers: Disassembled. This name comes from a cross-comics arc that radically rearranged the Avengers team, and also killed Thor. Given the last detail, it would be foolish to keep things a secret if this is the name of the second film, given that it would almost inevitably lead people to believe that Thor and his impressive patch were not long for this world. But after the hilarious Thor: Ragnarok, the god "meh" of Chris Hemsworth is really amazing now, so Marvel could not possibly consider despising him anymore … or is it?
Avengers: the tragic and totally unexpected death of Captain America, forever, we swear, we are not recovering, in addition, his contract is on the rise The fans have been theorizing for years that at least one important character will die in the movies of Infinity War, either because the original tracks of Avengers are much older and more expensive than when the MCU was launched, or simply to show that the situation is serious. Considering the many arcs of the comics named after the death of a character, what is the probability that the title of the Avengers refers to someone who dies?
Avengers: Hey, remember how you figured we were killing a hero? Surprise, Loki & # 39; s Dead, Suckers! Everyone in Marvel fandom, and we mean almost everyone, loves Thor's cheating brother, Loki. What better way to mess with the expectations of the fans than to leave the virtuous Cap alive and disrupt the entire divination game of the fans by killing the character of Tom Hiddleston?
Avengers: Hawkeye & # 39; s RevengeHawkeye has been almost suspiciously absent from all the marketing of Infinity War. What if the explanation is that he is the real villain of the entire 19-film Marvel series? Nobody would see it coming, apart from the people who noticed that it happened to the first Avengers as a villain. Maybe Loki targeted him for mind control because he already had malignant tendencies in the making.
Avengers: Rosebud was his damned sleigh. It's been 77 years since we've been telling you. Charles Kane was an avenger. Think about it. (Do not think too much).
Avengers: Snape kills DumbledoreLook, Feige said the title was a spoiler, okay?
Avengers: Crisis in infinite lands. There are potential copyright issues here, but swindling the most famous crossover event from the end of the DC universe would really be rubbing it in the face of the comic book company.
Avengers: Chrises in Infinite Earths The Russos have said that Infinity War 2 is going to have a completely different story from the first Infinity War movie. What if that is because putting together Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt in the first film causes a density of Chris so vast that it opens the space-time continuum and throws all the characters to a mischievous adventure in the time of crossing ? What if Chris Pine appears for a post-credits cameo?
Star Wars Episode IX: Avengers 5: Kingdom Hearts 4: The Spirits Within. Depends on Patton Oswalt was right.
Avengers: Monopoly WarDisney is buying DC Comics and adding a new gem to their Franchise Gauntlet. What venerable media property will it acquire later? You will have to wait for the sting.
Avengers: Really Finite War Unfortunately, it turns out that the Infinite War only gave the Russos enough material for a movie, but with billions of dollars of expectations for the saga, they had to stretch it to two films. With all the war wrapped up at the end of the first movie, the second film only presents Hawkeye on Earth, getting into petty fights with Justin Hammer in another Iron Man suit that works badly.
My dinner with The AvengersMuch has been based on how Infinity War is the most anticipated, most publicized, most significant and most direct crossover event of all time. Maybe it is and maybe it is not, but no matter what happens when the credits arrive, any follow-up will have to fill a large space. How to deal with that kind of expectations when everyone is already complaining that the franchise is too big for their own good? Maybe Part 2 should be small and opt for a subtle independent drama about the Avengers (remaining?) That meet and talk about life. Do you need an additional fan service? Let them eat shawarma.


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