You can finally send money to your contacts by asking Google Assistant

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Google is expanding the ability to send peer-to-peer payments with the Google Assistant. As of today (only in the US), iPhone and Android users can say something like "Send Lauren $ 2" and the Assistant will guide you through the steps to send the money through Google Pay. Your recipient will also have to configure Google Pay to receive the funds.
In January of this year, Google finally ended the confusion between Google Wallet and Android Pay by merging them into the Google Pay system. Although, the confusion still exists: during the next few months, there will still be a separate "Google Pay Send" application for peer-to-peer payments.
But you do not need to understand the strange history of Google Pay to use the new feature in the Wizard. If you have ever sent money with the small $ button in Gmail, you probably already have a Google Pay account set up, so you can use Google Pay in the Google Assistant.

If you do not have a Google Pay account, you will be asked to set up one the first time you request to send money. Transactions with Assistant will still require authentication beyond your voiceprint to send money, either with your fingerprint or your Google password.
Google says that payments through the Google Home smart speaker will also be available "in the coming months." It is not clear what type of authentication or confirmation will be required to send money if you are only talking to a speaker.
Although Google announced a Google Payment API for Assistant last May, it is only now coming, but the Google Pay rebranding has helped to regain that momentum. In addition to this recent feature, Google has recently managed to set up transit payments and payments to stores within Assistant.
The point-to-point payment system assistant is a rare case in which Google has been behind Apple in a smart assistant role. At this time, in Siri, you can request to send money to someone, and you will be asked if you want to use Apple Pay, Venmo or Square Cash. Starting today, the Google Assistant can only use Google Pay.


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