A new robot with AI will tell you who to vote for in the elections is for you

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February 17, 2018
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February 17, 2018

If you can not decide who to vote for in the next elections, in the near future you can come to the aid of a robot equipped with artificial intelligence. His prototype called Nigel was developed by the specialists of the company Kimera, which is directed by its founder Munir Shita.
The creators of Nigel describe him as "the first man in the world with artificial intelligence". The robot is still at an early stage of development. According to Shita, during the next year the developers plan to teach Nigel to write and read at the elementary school student level.
In the process of communication with the interlocutor, the robot tries to discover its objectives and the realistic way in which it can achieve them. At the same time, Nigel suggests what must be done to achieve them. Gradually begins to realize the needs of people and understands the algorithm of their activities. This means that in the future the robot can act autonomously, without "indications".
According to Mr. Shit, in the long term, Nigel will be able to participate in political life. As AI, which has access to a large amount of information, it is much more difficult for zombies, has the opportunity to give an objective evaluation to a candidate for a chosen position and to express his opinion to the interlocutor.
Nigel has another important characteristic: he is able to adapt to the political opinions of the interlocutor and adopt them. As a result, the robot gradually adopts the political position of its master.
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