A new trailer for the next season of The Expanse shows the solar system at the brink of war

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March 10, 2018
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March 10, 2018

The Syfy channel has released the first full trailer of its next third season of The Expanse, triggering a solar system on the verge of a total war between Earth, Mars and the residents of the outer planets.
Last month, the channel launched a small preview that revealed the program would return in April and hinted that the Rosinante's crew will have to accept their various past mistakes as the war approaches. This new trailer shows a little more than you can expect: the crew deals with the knowledge that one of their own, Belter Naomi Nagata, delivers a sample of an extra-terrestrial protomolecule to the leader of the Alliance of Outer Planets. That protomolecule substance was used in the first season of the program to kill the entire population of an asteroid station, and then a humanoid super soldier who attacked a group of Martian marines in season 2, causing tensions among the various nations of the world. Solar system.

Those tensions seem to be extended to violence next season. There are some glimpses of some intense-looking space battles, the threat of a wider release of protomolecule weapons and a grim captain Jim Holden saying they "simply declared war on Earth." In the mix is ​​the search for the crew of Mei Meng, a young woman who disappeared in Ganymede and that could be related to the program that created the protomolecular weapons. From the aspect of things, next season will end up adapting the rest of Caliban & # 39; s War, the second novel in the series.
The series has been an excellent and nuanced take on the problems that arise due to the political, racial and social divisions of humanity. We'll see how it develops when the show returns to Syfy for its third season on April 11.


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