After a year, Nintendo Switch accessories are starting to get interesting

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March 3, 2018
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March 3, 2018

The Nintendo switch is now a year old, and last week in Circuit Breaker Live, we looked again at some of the most interesting accessories for the new Nintendo console that have come out this year.
There are a lot of interesting things now that you will want to choose for your Switch. You can change that terrible support with a more robust aluminum one, for example, or add a professional driver for more comfortable long game sessions. Charging is also a very interesting place to change, since the console uses a standard USB-C port. There are full charging housings to recharge on the road (an important thing for the portable switch), giant USB-C batteries that are almost too big to carry on an airplane, and portable chargers that are much easier to carry than those of Nintendo . own.
And it's still early: Switch is a very young product, so who knows what else we'll see from device manufacturers in the future. Even Nintendo is getting into the accessory game, with things like the next Nintendo Labo kit, next month.
For more gadgets, see the full episode of Circuit Breaker Live on YouTube. The new episodes will air every Tuesday at 4 p. M. (Eastern Time) on The Verge's YouTube channel.


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