Alexa now understands casual music queries about songs you’ve listened to in the past

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March 8, 2018
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Amazon has been deploying a series of incremental but useful Alexa features in recent months, especially Amazon Music, the service that Amazon would like it to use as the default on its Echo devices. Today's update includes a couple of new features that allow users to request music using a more natural or vague language.
People can now ask Alexa for music tracks or playlists based on elapsed time, such as "Play that playlist I played last Sunday" or "Play the training music I heard three weeks ago" or "Play something I do not like "I heard it in a moment." The same applies to genres and artists, you can request a song from an artist you heard "recently" or a musical mood you've been in lately, even if you do not know the specific titles.
The new features are small, but they are part of Amazon's greater effort to make voice commands through Alexa feel more natural and, frankly, more interesting. In the last six months, the company has introduced things such as the ability to create playlists by voice alone, request music-based alarms, request music based on activities (such as "cooking" or "dinner") and consult best songs in different parts of the world.
It is also part of an effort to attract people to Amazon Music services by doing many of these exclusive voice functions. Not surprisingly, this new Alexa feature only works for Amazon Music listeners (which includes both Prime Music and Music Unlimited, the $ 10 per month service without Prime) on Echo devices, as well as iOS and Android.
It is not clear exactly how many subscribers Amazon Music has or how many people will affect these new features. A report estimated last year that had 16 million subscribers, which would place it in third place behind Spotify and Apple, but Amazon has not confirmed that number. If true, that means it's still a fraction of Spotify's streaming music customer base and half of Apple, despite Echo's success and some of the offers it offers, such as $ 4 per month for unlimited music. in a single Echo speaker.


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