Amazon drops first-gen Ring doorbell price to $100 after closing acquisition

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April 12, 2018
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As of today, Amazon officially owns Ring, the smart home company that was rejected by Shark Tank and popularized smart ringtones with built-in security cameras. Amazon bought Ring in February for more than $ 1 billion, and the deal was officially closed today.
Now, Amazon is already taking action in a very typical Amazonian way: by lowering prices. It's starting with Ring's standard video ring, which is going down in price from $ 180 to $ 100. Amazon did something similar when it closed the Whole Foods acquisition, lowering the prices of avocados and other staple foods like bananas and bananas. mince.
Amazon has been making great moves in the smart home lately. There is Alexa, of course, who is slowly invading more and more homes through Echo products and other integrations. But there are also other products and services for the smart home that Amazon offers. The company sells a security camera that works with its home delivery service. He also bought another smart home company in December, Blink, which sells ringers and smart battery-powered security cameras.
Amazon has a smart home line increasingly broad
These acquisitions make Amazon increasingly positioned to capitalize on the growing intelligent internal market. And since Amazon does not care too much about the initial prices – it likes to sell cheaper products and earn more money later through sales or additional services – it can make these products even more attractive by selling them for less than, basically, anyone else. . . Nest's smart doorbell costs $ 229; August is $ 199.
That said, there is still a hidden cost for all these products, and Amazon is not making that cheaper: the subscription. While you can use Ring Ring without a subscription, you will have to pay a monthly fee if you want to watch the saved videos. Otherwise, you are confined to the live broadcast.
However, none of the other Ring products get discounts. That includes its high-resolution bell cameras (such as Video Doorbell 2, seen above), its focus cameras and its security system.
Amazon says Ring will continue to operate under the Ring brand, although it's hard to imagine that it will not eventually be related to Amazon's growing list of smart home services.


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