Amazon is making it easier for international customers to order from abroad

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April 17, 2018
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April 17, 2018

Amazon is updating its mobile apps with a new international shopping experience that makes it easier to buy Amazon products overseas within the application.
Users can now browse Amazon on mobile devices in five languages ​​(Spanish, English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and German), and prices can be displayed in 25 local currencies, in order to facilitate the examination of the application and order products abroad It is also planned to add more languages ​​and currencies later this year.
You can also filter specifically the products that are available to ship to your specific country, with clearer prices, shipping costs and estimates of import tariffs shown in the application. Amazon says it also works with courier services for customs clearance to make things easier for customers.

While the update is likely to be more useful for countries that do not have their own local Amazon sites, making international purchases easier for customers in countries such as Japan or England is still beneficial. The range of products that are available in the US version of the popular retailer are not always sold in other countries.
The new configuration of international purchases should be extended today in the Amazon application on iOS and Android, under a new option "Country and language" in the configuration menu of the application. Unfortunately, the new feature will be limited only to mobile applications for now, so Amazon customers overseas who shop on the US site. UU They will have to filter the products and convert prices and languages ​​manually.


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