Amazon is taking photos of your front door to show when packages have been delivered

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Amazon has been quietly launching a new program in recent months where the delivery managers will use photos to confirm that their package has been delivered. The photo of exactly where the package is placed will be included in the delivery notice so that Amazon users know when it arrived and where it is, as USA Today first saw it.
Sometimes, an Amazon package may be lost or stolen, and Amazon's refund policy means that customers can request a duplicate of the original order. With the new Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery program, the company could now verify if the drivers delivered the package successfully and customers would know exactly where to find it.
"Amazon Logistics Photo On Delivery provides visual delivery confirmation: shows customers that their package was delivered safely and where, and is one of the many delivery innovations we are working on to improve customer convenience", said an Amazon spokeswoman, Kristen Kish.
USA Today reports that the program has existed for at least six months, but only recently has Amazon updated the device and the delivery application so that all Logistics drivers can take a picture. The program is currently available in selected markets, including the metropolitan areas of Oregon, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Seattle, San Francisco and Northern Virginia.

Users who wish to maintain their privacy may choose not to take photos. When you see a delivery picture in the Your orders section, you can click "Do not take delivery pictures" to cancel it.


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