Amazon will soon stop selling all Nest products

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March 3, 2018
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March 3, 2018

Nest products will no longer be sold by once current stocks run out, according to a Business Insider report. Last year, Amazon refused to offer some of Nest's newest products, such as the Nest Cam IQ and the next generation smart thermostat. After weeks of simply ignoring the products and not responding to Nest, Amazon informed the company of its decision by phone at the end of the year and said that the directive "came from above," something that Nest interpreted to have been broadcast by the CEO. Jeff Bezos However, there has been no direct confirmation of this.
As a result, Nest has decided to stop further replenishments at Amazon once the remaining inventory of the product has been depleted. It's not clear if third-party vendors will continue to sell Nest devices, but Amazon will not. Moving away from Amazon, Nest's reasoning is that the powerful retailer should sell its entire family of products or nothing at all. At this time, several Nest products are available with Prime shipping, but "Amazon meets them" and are actually sold by other suppliers.
The imminent disappearance of Nest from Amazon marks only the latest development in the bitter anti-consumer dispute between Amazon and Google. Nest was once again absorbed into Google last month after spending three years as an independent subsidiary of Alphabet. (Google warned Nest that Amazon had decided not to sell its latest hardware while the companies were still separated.) Amazon has flatly refused to sell some Google brand products such as the voice assistant of Google Home and the Pixel phones of the company. In December, the online retailer said it would restart sales of the Chromecast streaming device, but it has been three months and he still can not buy it. Last summer, Amazon released a Prime Video application for Android, but has yet to add support to stream its content with a Chromecast.
For its part in this unpleasant dispute, Google has removed YouTube from Amazon's Fire TV and Echo Show / Spot streaming products, claiming that Amazon has violated its terms of service with those implementations of the YouTube application. There was once a hint that the companies were repairing the scorched bridge between them, but that does not seem to be the case any longer.
Last week, Amazon announced its acquisition of Ring, manufacturer of smart home doorbell and home cameras. According to reports, the company paid more than a billion dollars for Ring in an attempt to accelerate its mission to make Alexa the dominant digital assistant in consumers' homes. Amazon continues to sell similar products since August and other companies, but soon will not have to worry about promoting one of its main rivals in its own store.


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