Android P messaging notifications take some inspiration from the iPhone

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March 7, 2018
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March 7, 2018

Google just announced the preview of the developer of Android P, which focuses almost exclusively on back-end functions that refer mainly, you know, to the developers. Most user-oriented features will not be announced until the Google I / O conference in May. But we're looking for things that look different, and the previous screenshot of the Quick Settings panel and the notification drawer definitely caught our attention.
This part of the user interface may seem very different depending on the version of Android you are using. The Google panel looks different from Samsung or LG, for example. But if you have been using a Pixel, you can not help but notice the rounded corners and edges around these UI elements. At this moment, in Oreo, these bits are squared and cover the entire screen.
The fear, of course, is that Android will lose the density of information that most users currently enjoy in favor of the big bubbles in iOS. That (fortunately) does not seem to be the case here; instead, it is only a subtle stylistic change that delineates more clearly the two parts of the drawer between themselves and the rest of the operating system. It's also not worth panicking because we've seen Google experiment with different visual treatments of these elements before, so things can change.
Taking only the good parts of iPhone notifications
However, Google definitely borrows an idea from the iPhone: even richer information within the text message notifications. With Android P, messaging applications can use a new style in their notifications that do a better job of displaying images, including the profile picture of the person sending you a text message. Even better, you can expand them and see some lines of conversation before touching on your quick response.
It's similar to how it works on iOS, except that you must remember to use a hard 3D Touch to open the notification window. Presumably, Android will be left with the slow drag (or with two fingers) to expand their notifications.

Google is adding one more option to messaging applications that are completely original to Android: the ability to add intelligent response buttons within the notification itself. We still do not have all the details, but it's a good bet that Google will encourage developers to use something like the response app that came up recently, which allows you to use smart responses in notifications at this time.
Fortunately, there will be more adjustments to Android notifications. Oreo added many detailed features that give users full control of how notifications appear, but it did so with a burst of confusing checkboxes. I'd like to see Android P try to simplify that interface a bit and make it easy to quickly adjust the settings of an application directly from the notification.


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