Apple confirms it will stop taking iTunes LP submissions as of this month

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Apple has confirmed to The Verge that it will stop receiving new iTunes LP presentations starting this month. The format, which was launched in 2009, was a way for users to buy albums with grouped elements, such as videos, tracer notes or additional tracks.
Today, the Metro website based in the United Kingdom claimed to have an internal filtered email from Apple sent to music producers entitled "The End of iTunes LPs." The mail allegedly stated that "Apple will no longer accept new iTunes LPs presentations after March 2018," and that "the existing LPs will be obsolete from the store for the remainder of 2018. Customers who have previously purchased an album that contains a ITunes LP will be able to download additional content through iTunes Match. "
While iTunes LP presentations will end this month, existing iTunes LPs will not depreciate. Not only will these iTunes LPs continue to be available, but users will be able to download any previous or new purchase of iTunes LP at any time through iTunes.
ITunes LPs have never been a big part of Apple's music business, but if you're a fan, any iTunes LP you've bought is not going anywhere. You will still have access to them; you simply will not see any new ones available to buy after this month.


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