Apple releases iOS 11.3 with iPhone battery management, new Animoji, and more

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After the beta test of the update since January, Apple is launching iOS 11.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The new version includes a series of additions that include new characters of Animoji for iPhone X, improved ARKit for a more advanced augmented reality and the possibility of deactivating the processor accelerator for iPhones with aged batteries inside.
That last feature is the result of a hail of criticism and bad press that Apple faced when it was discovered that iOS automatically slows down the maximum performance of the processor in some iPhones to avoid unexpected stops. The controversy forced Apple to issue a public apology, and now customers will have the option to turn off all accelerations, regardless of the age of their iPhone's battery.

This involves the risk that your iPhone will shut down if the battery can not provide enough power for some intensive processor tasks. Replacing the battery in your iPhone is the best way to maintain maximum performance and avoid strangulation altogether. The ability to enable or disable throttling only applies to the iPhone 7/7 Plus, SE, 6S / 6S Plus, 6/6 Plus for now. But all users with an iPhone 6 or later will see a new battery status screen that will recommend if a battery needs to be repaired.

iOS 11.3 introduces four new owners of Animoji for iPhone X: a lion, a bear, a dragon and a skull join the existing alignment.

For augmented reality, ARKit has been enhanced to allow AR applications to extend the mixed world experience to vertical surfaces such as walls and doors. That adds to the horizontal surfaces (floors, tables, countertops, chairs, etc.) that were already compatible. ARKit is also smarter when recognizing "irregular shaped surfaces like circular tables".
A section of Health Records is also new within the Health application, which provides patients with quick access to their medical records (from compatible doctors and call centers) directly on their iPhone.
Continuing with its strong position on security and privacy, iOS 11.3 (and macOS 10.13.14) includes a new privacy icon that appears every time Apple requests your personal information, such as your Apple ID password, so you can easily verify that The request is legitimate and not falsified.
And then there is Business Chat, which allows the selected companies to communicate with customers directly in the message application instead of through social networks, email or by phone. It will be released in beta today, and it is likely that you will see that some well-known companies announce support for Business Chat soon enough.
In addition to all this, iOS 11.3 also includes a series of bug fixes. One that I am very happy about refers to the Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad. If yours has been randomly disconnecting sometimes, the company seems to have solved that. Somehow, the problem was related to captive Wi-Fi networks (like those in coffee shops). Strange. But it was super annoying, and I'm glad it's supposedly fixed.

iOS 11.3 apparently fixes the annoying random disconnections of Apple's smart keyboard.

However, a couple of important features, the messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2, which appeared in the previous versions were removed from the final version of iOS 11.3. It seems that they are not ready for an official release yet. Those omissions mean that Apple's HomePod speaker will not be able to play in multiple rooms or pair stereo in the immediate future, and we still do not have the convenience of keeping our message history on iCloud. Unfortunately, the wait continues for both.


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