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Apple unveils new iPad with Pencil support for students
March 27, 2018
Apple’s bringing digital book creations to the Pages app on the iPad
March 27, 2018

Apple significantly updated iWork today for people who have not yet made the transition to Google applications, particularly in the educational space. At its event today in Chicago, Apple announced that there will be new versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, all of which are compatible with Apple Pencil. This goes hand in hand with Apple's announcement of a new iPad that is also compatible with Apple Pencil. Students can add drawings to reports in Pages or Keynote. They can also write in Numbers for a "lab report."
Apple says it is working on a new tool called "Smart Annotation," which allows teachers to mark articles live while students take notes. Each note will be anchored to specific words, so it's not just ink on a page, says Apple's vice president of product marketing, Greg Joswiak.
These updates, particularly Smart Annotation, can help Apple accelerate with Google. Google Docs is widely used due to live collaboration. If Pages could do that, too, it would be huge for the company's business. In addition, being able to use a stylus to mark jobs can be attractive to teachers who could do it by hand. Currently, Google Docs does not allow annotation through the stylus.
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