Apple’s super-sized iPhone X may come in gold this fall

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February 26, 2018
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February 26, 2018

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg is adding to the growing expectations that Apple will launch three new iPhones next September: an updated iPhone X, a larger version of that improved iPhone X and a cheaper iPhone that will combine the design of the X screen with screen LCD monitor. All three will use Face ID for authentication, marking the end of Touch ID on new iPhone products.
Gurman reports that the larger version of the X will have a screen that measures "about 6.5 inches." (The current iPhone X measures 5.8 inches). Apple is testing prototypes of the largest model with a screen resolution of 2688 x 1242.. That larger canvas will likely result in Apple bringing some of the features of the split-vision software of the "Plus" iPhones, the report says.
The new iPhones can come in gold
The largest iPhone X will feature the same core design elements as last year's hardware, including an OLED display and stainless steel sides. It is said that Apple is working on a golden color for the new devices as an additional option beyond the black and white / silver options of the X. (Bloomberg notes that originally Apple intended to send a golden iPhone X last year, but canceled those plans due to production problems)
The LCD iPhone is expected to look a lot like an iPhone X and will include Face ID and thinner bezels. But it will have an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI has estimated that this device will be priced between $ 700 and $ 800. That's far from cheap, but it's a couple of hundred less than the initial price of the iPhone X. Bloomberg does not mention the size of the screen, but Kuo has predicted that it will be around 6.1 inches.
Apple is also exploring the idea of ​​adding dual-SIM support for the next bigger iPhone, although Gurman warns that this might not work if the company decides to continue working to implement eSIM technology on the iPhone. eSIM allows devices to connect to mobile data networks without inserting a traditional SIM card provided by the operator. Google Pixel 2 phones use eSIM for Project Fi customers.


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