Arsenal of robots-guards Knightscope replenished with all-terrain model K7

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February 17, 2018
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Silicon Valley robotics after a series of incidents with an awkward K5 model finally introduced a new type of artificial guard. This K7 four-wheel buggy with 3 m in length and a height of 1.5 m, designed to move through difficult terrain. Along with K7, the K1 model was also presented, whose interest turned out to be much smaller.
K1 is a robotic inspection station, a stationary object for scanning visitors in buildings, which uses millimeter radiation and artificial intelligence technologies to search for concealed weapons and forbidden items. In Knightscope they say that he faces work much better than the typical frame of metal detectors and police guards. Yes, and their services are at least twice cheaper than the professionals hired: the company's robots are rented at the rate of $ 7 per hour.
The K7 is positioned as the fastest and most mobile robot of the brand, and it is not a joke. After the fall of the K5th in the fountains, the reputation is needed urgently, reason why the representatives of the company said that the K7 will travel on sand, gravel, grass and curbs at a speed of 5 km / h or higher. Do not overturn and do not fall: that is your key advantage over previous models in the "turret on wheels" format.
K7 can move both autonomously and by operator commands, but the maximum danger for the perpetrator is if the robot reaches and hits the leg. It is a platform for a set of cameras and sensors, weapons can not transport and the term guard would be more correct to replace the "observer". Plus at Knightscope for the umpteenth time dodged the answer to the question "when will your products learn to swim?"
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