Aston Martin’s Lagonda concept car is breathtaking

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March 7, 2018
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Sometimes, mere photographs do not do justice to the striking nature of an object, and the Lagonda vision concept of Aston Martin is one of them.
This concept car is reminiscent of the old days when conceptual designers did not have to worry about any measure of practicality or viability. It has lush carpets everywhere, the seat backs are made of hand-woven wool, and Aston Martin recruited the Savile Row tailors to make sure everything was cut and molded with meticulous precision.

The leg room inside the Lagonda is so spacious that even professional basketball players will find it comfortable and comfortable. If you want to stand inside your luxurious vehicle, the Lagonda has (not) a roof: part of the roof opens together with the huge doors that are more the size of garage doors than normal car doors.
Imagine taking an SUV, crushing it, then stretching it into a super sleek limousine shape, and you have the Lagonda
Then there is the size and shape of the Lagonda vision concept. It's huge, with a completely exaggerated rear end and huge curves that span the entire length of the car. Most car designs start with such large lines, but eventually they are refined and reduced to something more realistic, something that could be driven on real roads. Aston Martin seems to have decided to ignore those considerations and do his best to match the Rolls-Royce Vision 100 limousine for excess.

In any case, although there is a steering wheel inside the Lagonda, it is believed that the main use of this car is in autonomous driving conditions. Aston Martin plans to offer level 4 autonomy, which means that it will be driven under most conditions, and it is up to you if you want to swing your seat to use the wheel or face your bourgeoisie companions inside the car.

Lagonda aims to become its own brand, as a kind of luxury level for the range of cars already exclusive to Aston Martin. The hope is that it will become the first luxury car brand "zero emissions" when the production of (obviously more docile) cars in the real world begin in 2021. The Lagonda vision concept is deliberately extravagant and extreme, setting extraordinary limits for allow the designers of Aston Martin. the largest possible canvas on which to invent the future of the company. Its proud and gleaming design is in stark contrast to the humblest current trends in car design, but I appreciate it for what it is: the eccentricity at its best and the most excessive.


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