Bellus3D brings its uncanny 3D selfies to the iPhone X

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April 11, 2018
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Bellus3D, the company behind the mysterious and mysterious 3D Selfie camera, is making the leap to the iPhone with a new application that will allow you to make your scans strangely realistic without any additional hardware.
The company had previously announced at CES 2018 that it would finally launch its facial scan camera this year for $ 499. But with the launch of the iPhone X, the company is taking things in a different direction by combining its software into an iPhone application, eliminating the requirement of any expensive hardware required (apart from the $ 999 plus smartphone, of course).
The application is currently in beta: interested users can register on the Bellus3D website, with a full launch of the App Store scheduled for later this year. As with the previous demonstrations of Bellus3D, it is still impressive to see it in action, and it becomes even more interesting due to the fact that you do not have to spend $ 500 extra on a custom camera to use it.
There are still many questions about how practical the new application is
We had the opportunity to test both the application and the original hardware of Bellus, things are more or less the same here: look at the camera lens of the phone and turn your head to the left and right while mapping your face, capturing 250,000 data points to create the final image. He still has problems with things like hair or glasses, but otherwise, he basically does what the can says. Once this is done, you can rotate around the scan or export it to Facebook. The company is finally planning to offer some way to export the real 3D model for use in other applications in the future.
But there are still many questions about the new application, like how Bellus3D will really get money out of it or what developers will do with the technology now that they can make 3D scans easy and accurate. The company has spoken optimistically about applications such as virtual makeup, game avatars and more, but it remains to be seen if anyone will really take advantage of what Bellus3D is offering.


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