Bitcoiin founders and brand ambassador Steven Seagal depart after raising over $75 million

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March 26, 2018
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Actor Steven Seagal began supporting cryptocurrency "Bitcoin" last year as the new token brand ambassador. Now that relationship is over, as Bitcoin published today a statement that Seagal and the unnamed coin founders were moving away from the project since the sale of the token ended.
"From this point, Bitcoin will work within its ecosystem and will become a genuinely anonymous currency, without people or individuals having control over the entity," the publication states. Bitcoin has been a dubious coin since its launch and this mysterious exit, which removes the only recognizable figure associated with the coin – Steven Seagal – does not help. Nor is it known how much money the ICO raised, although Bitcoin said it at least exceeded its $ 75 million target.
On March 7, regulators in New Jersey sent the founders of Bitcoin a cease and desist order, saying the founders had never registered to sell securities in the state. Authorities at the federal and state levels have been cracking down on cryptocurrencies in recent months, especially in initial currency offers (ICOs), which the SEC has categorized as a security subject to regulation. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton admitted in February that zero OIC had registered with the SEC so far, although some sites estimate that the OICs raised almost $ 4 billion last year.
The founders of Bitcoiin have so far been anonymous, although Coindesk discovered that BehindMLM, a blog that traces marketing schemes, reported that several individuals were at least affiliated with Bitcoin and highlighted a Facebook comment on its page saying that there were "very rich "behind him. . Steven Seagal has not yet issued a statement to confirm his departure, and he still has a tweet that celebrates how he became the ambassador for the Bitcoin brand on his Twitter page.


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