Blame air currents for the East Coast’s warm spell, and also climate change

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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018

The east coast of the United States has been unusually hot this week, breaking temperature records from Boston to Washington DC. But what is causing this sudden and warm spell?
The answer has to do with air currents in the atmosphere, according to Mark Chenard, meteorologist at the Weather Prediction Center in College Mark, Maryland. Most of the time, the winds in the atmosphere flow from west to east; This is called "zonal flow" and is responsible for our daily climate. But from time to time, the winds begin to flow from north to south, creating a pattern called "amplified flow."
"The cold air from the north descends to the south, and the warm air from the south goes to the north," he says. Then, the hot air of the Gulf of Mexico is floating towards us in the …

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