B&O Play’s stylish P6 speaker offers 360-sound and voice support

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April 17, 2018
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April 17, 2018

B & O Play is launching a new Bluetooth speaker that does what all B & O Play speakers do best: look really good, cost a lot of money and probably sounds good too.
The new speaker is called Beoplay P6 and is the second portable Bluetooth speaker that B & O Play has for sale and that also includes a built-in microphone to support the use of voice aids. B & O does not list which attendees it supports, so it seems that it will probably only be played from any phone to which it is connected.
The P6 has stereo speakers oriented in opposite directions to fill a room with an effect that B & O calls "True360" sound. It has an estimated duration of 16 hours of battery and is supposed to be charged in three hours through USB-C. And it has a degree of resistance to dust and water.

Photo: B & O Play

Also, the P6 simply looks very good. It almost looks like a modern version of an old radio, with huge grilles etched in aluminum on both sides. It comes with a leather strap attached.
We have not heard the P6 yet, but the quality of the sound is not usually the place where B & O Play products disappoint. The problem is usually the price, especially when compared to other products that might be more capable when it comes to functions such as synchronized playback or the use of voice aids. Considering the specific uses of a portable Bluetooth speaker, it might not be so problematic here, but the price remains high at $ 399. It will go on sale on April 23.
This is the second product that B & O Play currently sells on the P line of its speakers. The other is a much smaller model called P2 that sells for $ 169. Both speakers stand out from the other Bluetooth models of B & O with their inclusion of a microphone for voice support.


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