Brushing your teeth with a smart toothbrush is unnecessarily arduous

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February 24, 2018
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February 24, 2018

My family got scared when the electric toothbrushes came out. They are passionate about oral health and, finally, they could have a tool more in line with that of a dentist. So, everyone in my family now has an electric toothbrush.
Emotion has not continued with the announcement of smart toothbrushes. Do we need a toothbrush connected via Bluetooth? Will that really improve the mundane experience of brushing?
I brought the Colgate E1, the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart and the Playbrush in the Circuit Breaker Live to discover it. Unlike the other two brushes, the Playbrush is just a Bluetooth device that fits any regular toothbrush that is not electric. I was testing Sonicare for a few months at home, and in a week, I had stopped combining it with its complementary application. All these brushes ask the users not only to brush their teeth, but also to look at the screen while doing it. In theory, you could brush without the screen, but the general idea is that you can visualize your mouth while brushing, measuring the time of your brush and then reviewing the data again.

Photo of Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

The complementary applications of these toothbrushes guide users through the brushing process, either through games that ensure that children brush two minutes and take each side of the mouth, or through simpler representations of a generic mouth The Colgate E1 and the Playbrush have game modes, while the DiamondClean Smart is only for adults or really for children. (It costs $ 200, while the E1 costs $ 100 and the Playbrush costs $ 30). That extra money also provides users with a variety of heads, such as an electric scraper and a pressure sensor designed to make sure you do not brush too hard.
I understand that some people want to take good care of their teeth, and maybe a toothbrush connected will help them do it. It's okay. But I, a person who cares about my teeth but also does not use dental floss, can not handle a Bluetooth synchronization process. I also do not take my phone to the bathroom when I wake up for the first time. Even if I do, I can not configure settings where I can brush and monitor my phone at all times. That said, I love electric toothbrushes! Bluetooth is one step too far.


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