Bumble bans images of guns in profile pictures

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Dating application Bumble will no longer allow weapon images in profile pictures of users. In a blog post last night, the company announced that its moderation team would begin the process of removing any previously loaded user photos that included images of firearms or firearms and continue moderating new charges in the future.
The decision comes amid widespread calls for arms control after several massive shootings in the US. UU., Including one last month at a high school in Parkland, Florida, where 17 people died. In the weeks that followed, companies such as Delta, United Airlines, MetLife and Hertz severed ties with the NRA, largely due to the public backlash. Bumble has also cut ties with the NRA, reports The New York Times.
Bumble executive director Whitney Wolfe Herd told the Times that the moderators will also remove photos that include other weapons, such as knives, although it is unclear exactly how far the new policy extends. "This is not super black and white," Herd said in a statement to the Times. "It is a very difficult battle that we have decided to carry out, but I prefer to follow this than simply ignore it."
As the Times notes, the application allows users to integrate their Instagram profiles, which will not be censored by Bumble. The company's new policy offers an exemption for members of the armed or police forces in uniform, a distinction that probably corresponds to Bumble's moderation team. Herd also told the Times that some users, like hunters, can appeal certain photo removals.
Bumble says he has updated his Terms of Service to include the new policy. The company will also donate $ 100,000 to March for Our Lives, the organization created by families impacted by Parkland's shooting.
The Verge has contacted Bumble and will be updated with any new information.


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