Bumble will allow users to log in without Facebook

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April 16, 2018
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In response to recent concerns about the handling of user data by Facebook, Bumble has announced that it will abandon its Facebook login requirement for users. The appointment application will allow users to log in and sign up for an account from a phone number starting tomorrow, according to a new Wired report.
The decision comes days after Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress to answer questions related to the recent Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. The London-based dating mining firm, which was hired by the Trump campaign in 2016, obtained and incorrectly used Facebook data to target potential voters.
In the wake of the scandal, Facebook launched new privacy tools and closed a product that allowed third-party data providers to segment on Facebook, but many are still concerned about Facebook's reach outside of its own platform. "Many of our users and potential users requested an alternative registration method," said Louise Troen, vice president of marketing and international communications at Bumble.
Currently, the Bumble Privacy Policy states that you can collect "login information and friend lists for social media accounts that you connect to your Bumble account", such as Facebook and Instagram. The login method of the phone number will allow users to avoid this.
Tinder, Match and OkCupid already offer methods to log in to the phone number, but many users still depend on Facebook for the applications to work. Earlier this month, dozens of Tinder users who logged in through Facebook were expelled from the application due to an error caused by Facebook's new privacy fixes.


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