Come see Why’d You Push That Button live at SXSW on March 9th!

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March 5, 2018
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March 5, 2018

Surprising and unexpected news: why do you press that button? Recently the official Texas podcast has been declared!
It's a joke, but let's go there anyway. Our first live episode will be recorded (and broadcast live) from SXSW on March 9 at 4:00 p.m. CT (5 pages M. ET). We will be at The Belmont (305 W 6th St) in downtown Austin and we hope you will also ask smart questions and, in general, send us good vibes while we discuss an agonizing topic: all the ways that technology encourages us to "ghosts" " "On dates, partners, friends and even roommates.
come and hang out with us and Jordan Guggenheim from OkCupid
As usual, Ashley Carman and I will present, with the magic behind the scenes of our producer Andrew Marino. And, as usual, there will be a high-risk drama followed by a descent into misery that may or may not revert at the end of the hour. We will be joined by OkCupid engineering manager, Jordan Guggenheim, who will answer all our questions about how designers of dating apps think about human behavior. Can they convince us to treat us kindly? Should they throw their hands and let us break the hearts of others? Dr. Jess Carbino, Bumble's internal sociologist, will influence from the point of view of human nature, and I hope it becomes complicated.
You must confirm your attendance to find out, and while doing so, register to attend the live recordings of The Vergecast (12PM CT on March 9), Recode Decode (2PM CT on March 11) and The Ezra Klein Show (3: 30 pm CT on March 11). Ezra is interviewing Melinda Gates? Wild. It's all part of Vox Media's "The Deep End," which also includes an elegant Texas dinner with Eater publishers, a dream gallery created by Polygon, and a gaming tournament organized by SBNation. It's a brand activation, but it's a great brand activation.

There will be stickers. Eyeballs!
Also, the premiere of Season 2 of Why & # 39; d You Push That Button? It will come on March 6, just before going to Austin. So tune in! And in the meantime, catch up on everything you missed from season 1. You can find us anywhere you can find podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play Music and our RSS feed.

Why did you press that button? in SXSW it is sponsored by Great Clips and Tempur-Pedic, so many thanks to those guys. And to you: keep cutting your hair and sleeping.
See you in Texas!


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