Detective Pikachu still sounds like an adult man in this new clip

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February 23, 2018
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Pikachu speaking is equally disconcerting and annoying. It's worse when he sounds like a middle-aged man. In a new trailer for Detective Pikachu, we have a deeper look at the horror that Pikachu is talking about in the next Nintendo game, which will be released in March.
The new trailer shows a place called Ryme City where Pokémon and people live together. Tim's father, Pikachu's friend, has disappeared and some Pokémon have started acting strangely, which led them to a trip to solve the mystery, which seems to be connected.

There are a lot of new characters, including a guy named Pablo, who is the owner of Pikachu's favorite cafe, Frank, an inspector of the Ryme police force, and Meiko, a camera operator of a local television station. All these characters will appear in the story, and you can interrogate them. A menacing Mewtwo also makes an appearance, and there is a gag when Detective Pikachu meets Mimkyu, the ghost / ghost fairy who dresses like a threadbare version of the yellow mouse.
The game seems to have short puzzles that players solve to advance the story, and what looks like a game style that reflects the point-and-click games of the 90s. There is also a giant detective Pikachu amiibo available who will unlock content additional and suggestions. Nintendo says the game can be played without the amiibo, but touching it will unlock the content more quickly.
While Pikachu is very cute with his detective hat, I can not take him seriously every time he opens his cute little mouth and talks. I still have many questions about him; why only Tim seems to understand Pikachu when he speaks? Why does Pikachu sound like an old man? Will he go back to a Pikachu who does not speak at the end of the game?
Detective Pikachu will be released on March 23 for Nintendo 3DS consoles. The game was released in Japan in 2016. If you are really excited about a talking Pikachu, the real action movie will be released in May 2019 and will star Ryan Reynolds (also known as Deadpool) as the main character.


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