Developers can now make games for the Echo Button

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April 4, 2018
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April 4, 2018

Amazon is opening the Echo button, the $ 20 power buttons that are designed to add a fun and physical component to interact with Alexa, so developers can create their own games with the beta release of the Gadgets Skill API.
While the echo buttons are largely intended for games (things like trivia or Simon Says pattern simulations), Amazon points out that the API can also be used for non-game interactions. For example, the echo button can be duplicated as a physical interface to start or stop a time or as a sound effects generator.
More Alexa Gadgets could be on the road soon
The new API marks the last step that Amazon has made in opening the eco buttons for developers, which started with an early developer preview when the buttons were announced last September. The name of the API is also revealing. When Amazon launched the Echo buttons, the company said they would be the first in a new line of "Alexa Gadgets" and, finally, the Gadget Skill API will also be used to control other devices in that category of products. Six months later, we are coming to the Echo buttons of the five Amazon Echos presented last fall.


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