Discord expands its verified servers program to include pro e-sports teams

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February 23, 2018
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Discord, a chat platform for players, has partnered with several e-sports teams to expand its program of verified servers. In other words, users will now know immediately if they are communicating with an official e-sports team: there will be a gray badge on the top left that says "Verified."
Discord has verified 20 new servers of professional teams that compete in games like Dota, League of Legends, CS: GO and Overwatch. Some of these teams include the Overwatch League teams, as well as featured competitive gaming teams such as Team Liquid, Cloud 9, Echo Fox, Team Envyus and 100 Thieves. The verified server program has not been expanded to individual players and their Discord servers, however, probably because Discord offers a Partners program for community-led groups and streamers.
The verification program was previously open for music artists, game studios and publishers, but it does not yet support servers managed by the community. To qualify to request and become a verified server, a server must have, among other things, a team of moderators, two-factor authentication for security and explicit content filtering.
The expansion of the Discord program is another step to indicate that the platform is growing from its original beta days and its poor track record of dealing with toxic communities, such as right-hand trolls. Other social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube already have characteristics of verified accounts. While by no means an accountant for abuse, verification can at least help resolve the legitimacy of who says what.
False accounts are a problem in Discord, especially because anyone who registers can register under the name they want. Since I logged in from my home computer, work computer, web browser and application, I have unconsciously ended up with duplicate accounts of the same name. While the Discord community guidelines state "Do not create spam accounts … Do not disguise yourself trying to contact someone who has blocked you", the site only shows the deletion of the account as punishment for the scenarios of the worst of cases.


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