Dragon Quest XI is finally coming to North America in September

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The long wait for Dragon Quest XI is almost over: today, Square Enix announced that the role-playing game will be available in North America and Europe on September 4. Originally, the game debuted in Japan last July, but previously, the developer had kept quiet in a western version.
Unfortunately, not all versions of Dragon Quest XI will be released outside of Japan. The 4th September release date is for the PS4 and Steam versions, while Square Enix tells IGN that the Nintendo switch version of the game will not be available this year, but will launch "much later." The 3DS version of DQXI, meanwhile, is not being located at all.

In addition to the new language options, Square Enix says that the western version of DQXI will also feature a handful of improvements over its Japanese counterpart, including the addition of a hard mode and a revised user interface.
While the series has been a mainstay in Japan since its debut, Dragon Quest has had trouble finding a similar audience abroad, though not for lack of attempts. However, 2018 has already seen the similar series of Monster Hunter focused on Japan becoming a huge global success, so maybe DQXI can finally be the release of Breakout that Square Enix has been waiting for.


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