Duolingo can now teach you how to speak Klingon

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March 15, 2018
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The popular language learning application Duolingo is adding courses for one of the most famous makeup languages ​​of all time: Star Trek's Klingon, through Engadget. The new course has been in progress on Duolingo's "Incubator" site for the last few years, and finally it has finally been launched on the web version of Duolingo (with the availability of iOS and Android later).
The language was first invented by Marc Okrand for use in Star Trek films and TV shows, although Okrand would then develop it in a complete and functional language. The Duolingo course was created by a team of volunteers fluent in the built language, although officially licensed by CBS.
However, apparently there were some quirks of the Klingon language that had to be resolved before I could get to Duolingo. As Michaela Kron, senior manager of public relations at Duolingo, points out in an interview with Engadget, "Klingon uses apostrophes in the middle of words, which is not something our system could have handled at the beginning, since no other language does it " The company also had to compensate for the fact that capitalization is important in written Klingon, where the meanings of the words can change depending on which letters are uppercase.
Klingon is not Duolingo's first foray into adding languages ​​built from popular television shows: the app previously added a course for High Valyrian from Game of Thrones last year.


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