Dyson’s new air purifier has an LCD screen that tells you what it’s cleaning

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Exactly how and what air purifiers do when cleaning your air is a mystery to many consumers. Most people turn off a machine and change the filter from time to time to find all kinds of dust inside. Dyson hopes to help people better understand what an air purifier absorbs, so the company is introducing a new version of its air purifier that now comes with an LCD to tell you what pollutants are inside your home .
The Dyson Pure Cool looks like all the other purifiers that the company has sold in the past, with an oval and hollow shape that gives it a distinctive look. But now there is an LCD screen in the form of a circle in the base that can pass through various levels of pollutants such as smoke, pollen or smoke from vehicles. When the machine detects these particles, a bar graph is triggered to indicate its presence, and you can observe the operation of the machine to filter these particles and re-level the graph to normal.
It's a lot of information on a small screen
It's a lot of information on a small screen, and it can be hard to make sense of them at first glance. When you set up the machine, simply start with that screen. There are letters like PM, NO2 and μG that can easily confuse anyone who has been out of high school science for a while. To better understand what all numbers and symbols mean, users should look at the manual as an encyclopedia. You can also find a glossary of terms in the attached Dyson Link application, says the company.

"We want to educate people more about what is bad in their homes," Dyson tells The Verge. While symbols such as a flower and a car make it quite clear to which allergens the machine is referring, the user interface is still too technical. While it is true that consumers do want to learn more about the operation of their machines, it is possible that flooding them with graphics is not for everyone.
Dyson says that the Pure Cool purifier is now able to eliminate 99.97 percent of microscopic allergens and contaminants up to 0.3 microns. Again, interpret how you will do as an average consumer. If you have a high sensitivity to allergy and other air purifiers have not worked, it may be worthwhile to review Pure Cool based on your specific needs.
The machine has a two-layer filter (a HEPA filter on the outer layer and a carbon filter on the inside) that must be changed once a year when it is used for 12 hours a day. Clean air is projected up to 20 feet from the machine, and now has a vent in the back of the oval to expel air backwards. Dyson says that a common request from previous machines is that, in winter, consumers want to avoid cold air being expelled into their living spaces. You can program Pure Cool in a cleaning schedule, but this requires the use of the Dyson Link application. Otherwise, you must be nearby to turn the machine on and off manually, use a limited sleep mode on the machine or leave it on automatically all day so that the fan senses the particles and absorbs them when necessary.

Photo of James Bareham / The Verge

The air purifier is not the only machine that Dyson is presenting today. Along with Pure Cool, Dyson also introduced the Dyson Cyclone V10, the latest version of its wireless vacuum cleaners. The previous Dyson wireless vacuum cleaners have had a rather abysmal battery life, which requires many hours of charging for only about 20 minutes of cleaning. While the V10 still needs three and a half hours of charging, it will now last up to one hour of continuous power. The company believes that this battery life is efficient enough to stop making studs and concentrate on building future V10 engine vacuums.
New with the design of the V10 is a new location for the opening of the tray and a battery indicator that notifies users when the machine will soon have to be charged. Dyson also placed the cargo port on the underside of the handle instead of the rear, so that those who mount their loaders on the wall can easily attach the machine instead of lifting it to plug it in.

Image: Dyson

Pure Cool and Cyclone V10 are available for purchase today at Dyson.com in the United States. Pure Cool starts at $ 449, comes in two sizes and will be available in international markets throughout March and April. The filters cost $ 80. The V10 starts at $ 499 just for the motor that can connect to the V8 accessories if you already own a Dyson cordless vacuum. Additional accessories for ceiling fans, cars or hard floors are sold separately through Dyson.


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