Elon Musk says The Boring Company will focus on transporting pedestrians ahead of cars

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Elon Musk says he is reworking The Boring Company's mission to prioritize pedestrians and bicyclists over cars, suggesting that the company's planned high-speed tunnels will serve as a form of public transportation.
Details are sparse, and it's not clear how much was resolved in advance versus how much musk he just wrote down on Twitter at the moment, but he says the plan is for all of the company's underground transports to transport cars, their original focus, only after that "all the needs of personalized mass transit are met". However, instead of the mass transit stations, Musk says there will be thousands of small, discrete stations throughout the city.
Musk posted a video on Twitter that states how the new concept will work: it looks a lot like the old plan, except that instead of driving his own car in the tunnels of the Bored Company, he would instead enter into what is essentially an train car that carries several other people.

The Boring Company has shown simulations of this car since last summer, but mass transit has never been the company's goal. In fact, Musk has received a lot of criticism from public transport advocates for his statements mocking the forms of public transport, calling it a "pain in the ass" and saying that nobody wants to be around other people, as required. on buses and trains.
Defenders of public transport have also publicly expressed the fact that Musk continues to reinvent existing forms of transit and calling them to different things:

I suppose you could say it's an autonomous 150-mile-per-hour electric bus that automatically switches between tunnels and elevators. Then, yes, a bus.- Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 9, 2018

(As a side note, the New York MTA actually rewarded Genius grants today).
However extravagant The Boring Company may seem, Musk's latest project seems to be progressing. He is already digging a tunnel under Los Angeles, and recently received approval to dig under Washington, DC.


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