Elon Musk still thinks a Mars colony will save us from a future dark age

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The surprise talks of SXSW by Elon Musk this morning were a heavy and serious issue, full of discussions about all the ways in which humanity will be condemned in the future: from the carbon in the atmosphere, the Third World War and, above all, artificial intelligence runaway. Many times we have heard Musk warn the public about these threats. That's why the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla thinks there is such a strong need to colonize Mars and perhaps the Moon, as a safety net for humanity.
But here at SXSW, a technology, culture and big show of marketing where people are seemingly excited about the future, Musk's words provided a clear deviation from the forecasts too much about how technology will change the world for the better. Somehow, it also feels like Musk is just intensifying his rhetoric on these issues.
"There is likely to be another dark age … particularly if there is a third world war," Musk stressed, arguing that a Mars colony would stay away from the battle on Earth and take the torch of human culture forward. He believes that the best way to ensure that these dark ages are "shortened" is by making humans on other planets come back and rebuild.

"We are building the first ship, the first Mars or interplanetary ship, and I think we can make short round trips in the first half of next year," he says, echoing the statements he made. in the event Falcon Heavy.- Sean O & # 39; Kane (@ sokane1) March 11, 2018

The Musk companies, the electric car manufacturer Tesla and the SpaceX rocket transport team, are specifically designed to help avoid these dangers and, in the worst case, provide humanity with the tools to escape them. However, Musk took his time in Austin to give the audience another wake-up call regarding a threat that no amount of climate change measures or anti-war rhetoric can help. "Mark my words," Musk told the crowd, "AI is much more dangerous than nuclear weapons, so why do not we have regulatory oversight?
Somehow, Musk was reviewing his favorite conversation topics. Musk's comments on AI here echo those he did before 2014. He has also reminded the public many times that there is a very real possibility that a nuclear war can devastate the planet and that colonizing the Solar System is the only safe way to mitigate against such extinction events.
Musk repeated the comments he made last summer about AI's government regulation, warning today at SXSW that AI researchers should not be as concerned about the threat of machines as they should be. "The biggest problem I see with so-called artificial intelligence experts is that they think they know more than they know, they think they're smarter than they are," he said. "This haunts the smart people … they do not like the idea that a machine can be smarter than them, so they dismiss the idea," Musk told the crowd.

Now Nolan pivots the convo to AI. Q: "Many AI experts do not share the same fear as you." Musk: "Fools [laughs]". Sean O & # 39; Kane (@ sokane1) March 11, 2018

Of course, you can see Musk's cynical comments as scary that is as superficial as your standard SXSW fuzz, right at the other end of the spectrum. And Musk is known – especially in the AI ​​research community – as someone who likes to do more than dirty hands by studying the mathematics, philosophy and ethics necessary to make software sense as intelligent or smarter than Humans. (Recently, Musk left the directory of the non-profit OpenAI security organization to avoid a conflict of interest given Tesla's work on autonomous driving systems).
But Musk has shown again and again that he has firm control over a host of complex issues, from space science to car manufacturing and, apparently, neuroscience. "I'm very close to the AI ​​front line and it scares me a lot," Musk told the crowd. He reminded the audience in Austin that his new brain-computer interface company, Neuralink, is designed to help humans keep pace with AI by merging with software, a science fiction concept that feels far away, if not impossibly, of reality at this time. "Neuralink is trying to help if it is taken into account by creating a high-bandwidth interface between the AI ​​and the human brain," Musk added.
The adventure of the brain-computer interface of Musk Neuralink wants to merge humans with AI
But it was not all bad and dark. Musk released some of his infamous and difficult-to-measure predictions and deadlines, saying he expects driverless cars to be up to 200 percent safer than a human driver by the end of next year and that in the same period of time, SpaceX would begin to Try the rocket that the company hopes will one day start transporting people to Mars. But, for the most part, Musk seemed to be affected by a kind of pessimistic discomfort, with its more negative comments than usual and the audience without its characteristic combination of ironic irony and inspiring enthusiasm that we have seen on Twitter lately.
That said, Musk was in Austin with his brother Kimball Musk, ostensibly to help promote Westworld and to show a promotional video of Falcon Heavy's release with Westworld producer Jonathan Nolan. And also, probably, to drink and eat tacos and, in general, go from one place to another. To that end, Musk and his brother, who showed up by the end of the talk, changed gear. The duo dressed in the black and white cowboy hats characteristic of the series (Musk sported black) for a song and a dance routine that seemed equally fragile and out of place. It was, as some attendees expressed, the entire trip.

Now they're going to sing the Three Amigos song that Musk promised would happen on Twitter. "This is going to be terrible." I do not know what else to say! pic.twitter.com/9lCzopKb3r- Sean O & # 39; Kane (@ sokane1) March 11, 2018


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