Enhancia’s wireless MIDI ring for musicians is now on Kickstarter

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The MIDI ring of the French company Enhancia, which The Verge saw for the first time in this year's NAMM show, debuted on Kickstarter. Now called Neova, the ring is an accessory for musicians to use on the index finger of their right hand. Specific movements tell the ring to activate the effects during execution, such as pitch bend and vibrato.
The ring contains a total of nine sensors, and captures movements made during execution. These movements are sent to a hub that is connected to your computer via USB. It works with all major digital audio work stations (DAW), and every gesture that recognizes the ring can be assigned to any parameter you want. The sensitivity of the ring to the movements is also adjustable. The previous video of Enhancia shows how it works in action, allowing musicians to add expressive effects like high or low pass filters without interrupting the flow of how they are playing.
While there are other MIDI rings on the market, Enhancia hopes to differentiate itself by focusing on simple hand gestures. The company says that it worked with more than 50 musicians to choose which movements were made more naturally while playing a keyboard. Originally, it allowed three hand movements: a slight manual oscillation, a slow tilt to the side and a forward tilt. Now, Neova has two new incorporated gestures: a rocking wave and a roll.
When the ring was demonstrated earlier this year, there were still some problems to solve. It was still wired, and the software that accompanied it was still in development. Even with these obstacles, when I tested the ring at NAMM, it was easy to see how it could fit naturally into a performance with virtually no learning curve. Neova is now wireless, has a hub that is also a charger for the ring and has four pre-set buttons assignable on the front, and there is a complement with hundreds of preset sounds, called Plume.
The Neva Ring of Enhancia is now available on Kickstarter with an anticipated price of $ 259.95 and an estimated delivery date of March 2019. Each package will come with the portable sensor (which Enhancia calls "stone"), a set of ring bands interchangeable in different sizes, the concentrator, a USB cable, two MIDI connection cables to 3.5 mm and the Plume software.

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